eLearning & Digital Citizenship

The New Zealand Curriculum outlines a vision for fostering young people who will be “confident, connected, actively involved and lifelong learners”. In the 21st century eLearning (learning enhanced by the use of Digital Technologies) is an integral part of this vision.

At Lincoln Primary School we believe eLearning provides limitless opportunities for students to explore, create and collaborate in personalised learning environments.  We have made significant progress in our understanding of the impact digital technologies can make to learning and in our acquisition of resources to support this endeavour. 

Having access to an internet capable learning device that enables further exploration, creation and collaboration will no doubt become a very important part of a student’s education toolkit and prepare them for their futures. 

On the above links you will find various links leading to a range of resources related to eLearning, as well as an ongoing record of our developments in this area.