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Update 22, 16 September

Modular Buildings
As I'm sure you already know, we are happily installed in these beautiful learning spaces.  Children and teachers feel very much at home in these  lovely, warm, spacious learning spaces. The outdoor work is nearing completion. The steps onto the front deck areas are currently being made. Once these are done, the Interlink personnel will depart our site. The next team to join us are the GreenLink team who are doing the landscaping work. We have a site meeting on Monday at 8.30 am.m to go over details of the plans Richard Wise has worked on. He has taken many of the concepts from the Artworks designs, and simplified them. They still look great and are very workable in a school site. GreenLink will work throughout the holiday period and try to complete as much work as possible while children are on holiday. Once school resumes, fencing will be reconfigured to keep children out of the worksite until all work is completed. When we have an idea of this date, we will begin re-scheduling the opening and blessings of both this building and the Junior Campus.

Next Building Phase
No new information at this stage.

Landscape Plan for around modular buildings currently under construction:

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Update 21, 5 September 

Modular Buildings
A great deal of work was completed on these buildings last week. We saw the decking finished, roofing completed and concrete paths put in. The buildings were inspected this morning and have been given a compliance sing off, so we are finally on the move!!!!!
Cleaners will be int here today, the big move begins tomorrow following morning tea. Classroom instruction begins on Wednesday.
Landscaping around these buildings begins on Monday 27 September, so hopefully they will get a lot covered with children off site. In the interim we will need to ensure children keep to the paths and do not cross the soil which was read last week. All access to the buildings will be from the Junior playground side as works on the front are still be done.

Next Building Phase
There is no new information relating to our 8 classroom and library block, or the refurbishment of the Info Centre and room 7.

Update 20,  26 August
Modular Buildings

As you can see the exterior of the buildings is coming along. The interior is very close to complete, the team have taken the focus outside as they try to complete work which Selwyn District Council has decided must be completed before we are able to occupy these spaces. The Deputy Mayor did call me back last Saturday, however we were unable to come to any conclusions regarding our occupation,  under  C. P. U. or a Code of Compliance Certificate. 
A meeting has been held today with Ministry and Interlink representatives and Selwyn District Council members. I am meeting with Laura front the Ministry and Corey from Interlink on Tuesday morning to draw up the final plan for completion and occupation of these buildings. It has been a very frustrating and drawn out process. Our teachers, children and families have been amazing during the final period of uncertainty regarding occupation. I wish to thank you all for your tolerance and support.
Hopefully we are very near to an end of this process.

Next building Phase
Richard and I met with Ministry of Education personnel on Tuesday to moderate our scores for the applicants for the  design and building of our 8 classrooms and library. All parties agreed with the winning application, which made the conversation easier for everyone. Due process must be followed whilst further information is gathered. I expect to be able to inform you of the outcome of these tenders within the next two weeks. As soon as contracts are signed we begin the review stage of master plans and designs for both the classrooms and the refit of room 7 and the Info Centre. Both contracts will be awarded to the same company to ensure optimal use of this resource is made. As demolition of the office/admin and rooms 10-14 is planned for early in the Christmas break, we will be investigating how to ensure items of value within these spaces are removed for future use. More information will be shared about this process once we confirm timeframes and logistics.

As there is so much happening on our site between now and the end of term we have decided to delay any landscaping work being commenced until the holiday break.
The beautifully painted concrete block wall will however have to be knocked down before occupation of the modular buildings. It has recently been discovered that this wall is very unstable, and does in fact sway in strong winds. Following an inspection by a structural engineer, the tough decision has been made to demolish it. At this stage we are planning to build a similar wall, with the appropriate amount of strengthening, when the landscaping is done around the new classroom block as this area is very was a very popular place to play.   

Update 19,  19 August

Modular Buildings
Employees of the Selwyn District Council made the decision that they would not process our application for a CPU.  They advised us that as the building was so near completion that we should apply for a full consent.  This seemed very strange to me, however this was the process we had to follow.  Our Project Manager processed the application and submitted it to Council.  On Thursday the first drain inspection was undertaken.  The drains had to be exposed to ensure the inspector could ensure all procedures had been adhered to.  The compliance inspection followed.  However this was a failed inspection due to the drains being incomplete.  It seems absolutely obvious that the drains must be open for their inspection, how could they then be compliant for the full inspection on the same day?  I was bitterly disappointed that we were set up to fail by the building inspectors.  Time was wasted, finances wasted, our hopes were high, only to be dashed yet again by those who have all the power with decision making.  On Thursday afternoon I made contact with our Deputy Mayor, she promised to investigate the situation fully today and phone me back with the outcomes.  Once again I have been disappointed as no response has been received.  I will follow up on Monday.  It could be as long as three more weeks before we are able to move in to this building. 
At last evenings Board of Trustees meeting, I did suggest that my next step may be to take a couple of bus loads of children to the District Council offices in Rolleston to spend a day or so working in their environment.  If I decide to take this action, families will be invited to give their consent to their child attending this outing where we will voice our disappointment with Council employees at the situation they have placed us in.  I'm sure the media will also be interested. 
Our buildings are finished inside, two other schools in the same situation are both using their buildings, one is in Queenstown, the other in Methven.  Why are we unable to use our buildings?

Landscaping and yet again another massive disappointment!

Last week I informed you that we had engaged Artworks to undertake the landscaping of the areas surrounding the modular buildings and do some work in the Enchanted Forest area.  The plans they developed were stunning.  Initially the Board of Trustees committed $150,000 to this project. Artworks came back to us with the figure of $242,000 when they had completed their pricing.  We deliberated on this for several days, finally accepting that this was a legacy project, we had the financial reserves set aside for exactly this purpose, so decided to continue.  We then discovered that no planting was included in this very significant figure.  The final revelation came just prior to signing of the contract.  We discovered that not only were the trees and plants not being planted, but they were not included in the quote.  We all agreed that we could not justify such a huge outlay on a project which did not include the trees, plants or any planting.  We have therefore informed Artworks that they will not be undertaking this landscaping project.  We have approached other landscaping firms for their input, we own the plans which have been developed, however we will be making adjustments to them to ensure we have plenty of open areas for children to play, whilst maximising shaded areas, and creating a lovely area for children to sit outside and have lunch.  We have decided to delay the commencement of this landscaping work until after the fair has taken place to ensure we have the greatest area available for tents and activities to take place.

Next Building Phase
Last night Richard Wise and I went over the tender documentation submitted for the re-fit of Room 7 and the Info Centre, and the design and construction of our new building consisting of eight learning spaces and library.  On Tuesday I am meeting with Ministry of Education Property professionals to discuss our evaluation of the information, share their input and their evaluation figures. We will then make the final decision of which firm will be awarded this contract. A lot of planning and design work will be done once the tender is confirmed. By the end of this year all plans will be completed ready for consent. The work on the re-fit is due to be completed mid January ready for us to use at the beginning of the 2017 academic year. 

Update 18, 12 August

Modular Buildings
Unfortunately we have not received our CPU, which means we have not been able to move into the modular buildings.  The reasons given by the Selwyn District Council were that a safety plan had not been received.  I received my information regarding the safety procedures last Monday, so offered to forward that information to them.  The Project Manager has taken on this task.  The second reason was that drain had not been laid.  As there is no water connected to these buildings at present, nor are there any toilets, this seems to be a bit of a mystery reason to me.  Drain laying is all done behind the buildings and are fully fenced off for access of our staff or children, this also seems an unusual reason for not issuing the document.  The third reason given was that the decking is not complete.  It was then explained that the decking does not require consent as it is outside of this scope.  We have been asked to remove the decking from the application, then it will not be an issue.  Once again the reasoning behind this decision is a bit of a mystery to me. The fact that these buildings are modular, have consents in other areas, and both the Queenstown and Ashburton buildings have been occupied at this stage with CPU is very disappointing.  We are hopeful that we will receive the required documentation early next week and undertake the move as soon as possible following.

The Board of Trustees have engaged Artworks Landscapers to undertake the significant project surrounding the modular buildings and extending to the netball course, through the enchanted forest and to the path along the junior playground areas.  The designs are amazing. We have waited a very long time for this project to commence.  A schedule of works will be developed early next week. We will share this with you all as soon as it is confirmed.
Unfortunately it has been discovered that the concrete block wall is unstable, it actually rocks in the wind.  We have had it inspected and been advised that it is a significant safety risk. We therefore  feel we have no choice but to remove it.  The artwork on both sides is beautiful.  We will endeavour to recreate it when the next landscaping project is done around the eight classroom block.

Next Building phase
We are about to commence the appointment of the Design and Build team for our next stage of building.  Three companies have been invited to tender for this role.  Richard Wise and I will be part of the appointment process.

Update 17, 8 August

Modular Buildings
It is great to see the progress being made in these spaces.  The ceiling tiles are all in, carpet is nearly finished. Plumbers are due on site Monday with additional cabinetry being installed Wednesday.   The cleaners are booked for Wednesday evening, with the move in still scheduled for Thursday.  I do suspect this may be moved to Friday but by this time next week we will know for sure how these many last minute details have actually panned out.
The landscaping designs are fantastic. Both the front and back designs are very child friendly, creating areas where children can work and play.  Seating and shade have been incorporated.  We have a site meeting scheduled for next Thursday to look at pathways, budgets and timeframes. We have been assured that this work will be completed before the school fair, which is to be held on 18 September.
The official blessing and opening of this block is scheduled for 11am on Tuesday 20 September, following on from the Junior Campus opening and blessing which commences at 10am.  These times are yet to be confirmed.   You will be invited officially in the very near future.

Update 16, 29 July

Modular Buildings
Work is progressing well with these buildings.  A start has been made on installation of floor coverings and ceiling tiles.  At this stage the building looks really long when you step inside, however there are four large glass sliding doors yet to be installed.  These will break up the spaces and allow for a range of spaces to be created which will cater for the various activities being carried out in there.
I was informed yesterday that the likely date for us to be moving in is 11 August.  This is a delay of a week from what we had previously planned on.  The exterior of the site will not be completed at this stage however a Certificate to Occupy will be completed which ensures all Health and Safety aspects have been addressed.  You can be assured that all compliance matters will have been addressed before we move in.
Last night the landscape concept designs were tabled by Artworks, the company we have engaged to do this work for us.  The designs are very creative and use the spaces around these buildings well.  All exterior work will be completed in time for our fair on 18 September.  Children will be involved in the planting which I'm sure they will enjoy.

New Building

Concept and Preliminary Design for the new block is planned to commence on 29 August.  As we have already done a great deal of planning, thinking and viewing of other new school buildings, we do not expect this to take us very long.  The Board of trustees are expecting to undertake the final sing off of these designs on 7-11 November.  We are aiming to have plans lodged for building consent on 14 December.  There will be a great deal of work to complete during this phase, however it is exciting to finally be seeing some progress on this project.  We look forward to construction commencing on 20 February.
The demolition of the current Administration block along with Rooms 10-14 is planned to take place commencing 19 January 2017. 

The  Concept plan and preliminary work of the "Fit Out" and Seismic work on the current 2 storey block is planned to commence on 5 September.  The Reception area along with Administration, Management and staffroom facilities are being relocated to the current Room7 and Info Centre. The planning and design phase of this work commences on 19 September.  The new entry for our school Reception area will be from the current staff carpark area into Room 7.  As you can imagine there is a great deal of work to be done to transform this area in the school reception, sick bay etc. We will need to be very innovative and creative with these designs to ensure the modifications fit our needs both now and moving into the future.  It will be lovely to have a staffroom area where all of our teachers can relax and enjoy their break times.

Update 15, 13 July (Sorry for the delay, I have been unwell.)
Modular Buildings
As many of you will have seen, it has been a very busy time since the last update.  All five learning studios are in place.  There is a great deal of work to be done inside, however the holiday break will give the site workers two weeks where they can schedule trucks, etc, onto the site without being constrained by our break times.  I have requested an updated, predicted occupancy date. During the process I have been assured that the delays have not changed this time frame, however I would be very surprised if the buildings are ready for us to move into in Week Two of next term.  I will ensure this information is shared as soon as possible.

Rooms 10-14
Thanks to Mike Kingston, his team of workers and Chris Graham, these rooms are now working well for our senior students.  We were finally given permission to remove four sections of wall.  This created an open area where programmes of work being delivered to our senior students could run without the restrictions of single classroom spaces.  Teachers and students are very happy in these spaces.

New building
I have been in contact with the Ministry of Education ensuring that they know how unhappy we are at the apparent delays of our new buildings.  We are in a difficult situation where keeping the old block enables us to all remain on the current site, however this block must be demolished to enable work to begin on the new block.  With the delays to the junior campus site, remaining on the current site is essential, even though we will be a little cramped.  However, it is still very difficult to understand why we are experiencing such long delays in the planning stages.  I have asked that detailed time frames be provided to allow us to see why this is the situation and to make any changes which we feel are in the best interest of Lincoln Primary students and staff.
The Ministry of Education have given us the date of February 2018 for the opening of our new block.
Procurement of the Lead Designer is underway now. Our Board of Trustees will be involved in evaluation of this Lead Designer. We must follow the Ministry of Education procurement procedures.

Design Stage, Info Centre and Room 7 and new block:

Room 7 which is currently being used for the gifted programme, is to become our Reception/Adminstration area.  The entrance to this area will be from the current car park, on the North Belt side of the building. 
The Info Centre is to become the new staff room and additional office space. 
We will be engaged in design work for both the new block and the Admin/Staff room upgrade between August and December, as we will need this area once the Admin Block and Rooms 10-14 are demolished during the Christmas holiday break.  This time frame will be confirmed by the design team once they are appointed.
A professional Project Manager will be appointed to work alongside Laura our Delivery Manager for the duration of these projects. The Project Manager is also being procured at the moment.
A comprehensive Travel Plan is part of this project.  Traffic management between the current site and the Junior Campus is also part of this project.  You will be very involved in this process. As I'm sure you are aware the current site is very congested both in the mornings and afternoons.  Traffic management is a significant issue for us.  Having a professional manage this investigation, identifying areas of concern and working towards solutions for this will be a huge relief to all of our school community.  I am having the first meeting with Lisa and Laura next Tuesday to commence the process.

Update 14, 1 July

Modular Buildings
Our first studio arrived yesterday.  We were expecting three, but I suppose one is better than none.  The latest information I received this morning said that the second concrete pour is happening on Monday morning and another studio is being delivered from mid morning through till early afternoon.  Contractors will not work during the lunch break.
Additional studios are being delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday with two planned for Thursday. It will be great to see them all here.  Teachers are keen to have a look inside.  At this stage I have not been informed of any delays, so hopefully Syndicate Three will be in these spaces working hard on Week 2 of next term.

Other developments
Rooms 10-14 have taken on a new look this week as Mike Kingston and his great team have removed the cloak bay area walls.  This has significantly opened up the space.  This work was necessary as we experience on-going delays in other projects, which in turn delay the demolition of this block.  I was informed yesterday that this block may remain for all of Term 4.  If this is the case, we can continue to use it.  The down side of course is that whilst this building is still here, our new building construction has not begun.
I have sent the Ministry of Education quite a blunt email today with a "Please Explain" about why we seem to be continuously delayed with our projects, have not received any timelines for projects and seem to be lacking information in many ways.  I will be interested in their reply.

Update 13, 19 June

Modular Buildings

Wow! I had the most impressive conversation with Darren at Interlink late on Friday afternoon.  The next couple of weeks are full of action.  Monday sees the reinforcing steel arriving on site.  The consent inspection takes place on Thursday, with the first pour of concrete scheduled for Friday at 10.30 a.m.  I'm sure this will generate great excitement with the children.
Tuesday 28 June is the date for delivery of the first two learning studios.  On the 30 June, the second pour of concert happens occurs by the delivery of the other three learning studios on 4 July.  The last week of school and holiday break will see the front and rear decks built with the plumbing and electrical work being connected to those already on tour site.  Although work is a little behind schedule but only by a week or so which can be accommodated.

Update 12, 10 June 

Modular Buildings
Progress is slow with the site works.  I had been informed that the boxing would be completed this week, however the lack of additional workers has led to delays.  It is hoped that additional workmen will be onsite next week to complete boxing and install the reinforcing.  The pouring of concrete is now scheduled for 21-23 June.  Delivery of the modules is now scheduled for the weekend of 23-23th June. Three learning studios are completely built.  They have been moved from the production line factory on Halswell Junction Road to storage in a building near the airport.  Syndicate 4 and BoT members visited the Halswell Junction Road factory last Thursday to see the construction site.  They were impressed with the buildings they saw, however they were unable to view the completed modules as they had left this site.

Other Developments
As I'm sure you will  know the recent budget provision for education included our 8 learning spaces with an additional space for our library.  Laura informed me that we can expect to begin design work with the Design Build team about 28 July.  The Ministry of Education are in the process of  working with Procurement to draw up specifications for our tender documents.  Our staff have already drawn up their ideas about the configuration of the spaces within the selected footprint. We are hopeful that the design phase will be very short as we are quite clear about what we want and how these spaces need to work to be very high quality learning spaces for our children and teachers to work in.

Update 11 - 27 May

Modular Buildings
If you have visited the school over the past week you will have seen the progress being made with site works.  We can now clearly see the variation of level in the ground from one end of the modular site to the other.  Excavation at the Team Three end is quite extensive, while the levels being set for the foundations at the Information Centre end are minimal.  Profile strings are being put in place as I update this information.
The delays to site works have led to a situation where two of the learning studios are now complete and have been put into storage awaiting transport.  A further three are on the production line.  A team of teachers and BoT members are visiting the site to view these on Thursday 2 June.  It is expected that pouring of the foundations will begin on 7 June with studios being transported onto site the weekend of 18 June.  A revised work schedule is currently being drawn up.  I hope to have this ready to post on Monday 7 June. 
All information relating to the Junior Campus will now be posted on the direct link off the home page.

Update 10 - 20 May 2016

Modular Buildings
We are seeing progress on site at last. The digger has been working on contouring the ground to get levels right before the work on foundations begins next week.
Teachers and Board members are visiting Interlink to see the learning studios on 2 June.  We are expecting them on site very soon after this date.  At this stage the project is running according to schedule.  Occupation of these learning studios is still planned for Term 3.

Lincoln Primary School Junior Campus
We had two very productive meetings with our parent communities on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings this week.  Next Tuesday evening we meet with our pre-school community.  I will be working on the information shared via these forums next week to begin collating information to share with everyone.  We will also be creating a Survey for parents to gather information relating to how children will come to the site at the beginning of each day and how they will leave.  We will invite you to share the challenges you face as individual families.  This will enable us to see what supports need to be co-ordinated to ensure needs are met to the best of our ability.  We are pleased with how the media managed the situation during this week.  The comments on the Stuff site were very much appreciated.  Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of our efforts. Teachers will begin sharing conversations relating to the Junior Campus on Monday 30 May.  These will be incidental type conversations initially, moving towards sharing details which children need as we get nearer to the actual move.  We ask that any families who wish to share this information with their children before teachers do, to ensure they have these conversations prior to 30 May. Teachers will visit the site following the pre-school forum to continue the planning and thinking needed to ensure programmes and spaces are well ready prior to the transition.

Other Developments
It is hoped that the Ministry of Education will soon have the budget allocation secured to enable us to commence working with the Design and Build team for the new building being erected once the office admin area is demolished. this will be the next phase of our building programme. 

Update 9 - 6 May

Modular Buildings
Teachers from Syndicate 4,  BoT members and I went to the factory to see the construction of our modular learning studios last Tuesday after school.  There were two on the production line with two more at pre construction stage.  It was great to see the teachers looking at the studios and discussing how they will use the different spaces, and visualising the size and shape of the final construction when they are joined together.
There has been a delay to site works due to soil testing being requested in the last week of the term.  These test results are back and are clear.  Another complication was the car parking space issue.  This has also been resolved.  Darren from Interlink is at the Selwyn District Council offices as I write this, discussing both of these points.  He informed me today that site works will commence next week.  These site work delays will not impact on the completion date, however any further delays would have a very significant impact as Interlink complete one learning studio per week, and must have ours out of their factory in late May.

Other Developments
The Ministry of Education and the Selwyn District Council have both signed the lease agreement for the Ecan site.
Syndicate One teachers visited the site in the last week of Term One.  They felt confident that this site will provide a quality learning environment for them and the children of Syndicate One to work in.  At this stage we do not have any confirmed dates for this move to take place.  There is a great deal of work to be done to the site to ensure it is a safe, healthy environment for our children and staff.  We expect that this work will commence in the very near future. 
Discussion forums have been scheduled for parents of those children who will be involved in the move.   There is a great deal to organise in relation to this move.  I look forward to working in close partnerships with all those involved to ensure we minimise the disruption to everyone concerned.

Update 8 - 15 April

Modular Buildings
It had been planned that the fencing would have been installed by today, however the Selwyn District Council have decided that the site needs to have soil tests.  These soil tests have been taken, the results should be available by early next week.   As this site has been used for education for 150 years, we do not expect any issues arising.  Darren from Interlink will be onsite with some contractors who have permission to do some of their work on the concrete or hard court areas. This delay to site works has not had an impact on the buildings which are progressing nicely in the factory.   We are looking forward to seeing them on 26 April.

Other Developments
I have had a conversation with Rob Giller, Ministry of Education, Wellington this afternoon.  He is going to personally investigate the time frame of when the lease of the Ecan building is likely to be signed, therefore giving us some idea of time frames for us.
There have been some questions regarding the relocatable option arising again this week. Relocatable buildings are not an option for us. This was investigated previously and found to be unworkable. 
The work on Stage 2 of the design and build was also discussed with Rob.  He stated that the budget for this project should be announced on May 26.  This will allow us to begin the process.  It is hoped that this project could be completed by mid 2017.

Update 7 - 8 April

Modular Update
We have had a request from the Selwyn District Council for further information relating to our roll growth and  car parks. We addressed the question regarding roll growth immediately, the further questions are for the Ministry of Education to address.  Hopefully they will move quickly to ensure there are no delays with the processing of our consent.  As soon as questions are asked, the 20 day processing period stops, recommencing once all questions have been answered.
We have a visit scheduled to see how our buildings are going on 26 April, with another one yet to be confirmed, but just before they buildings are loaded onto the transporters. I have not been made aware of any delays to the scheduled earthworks programmed to commence during the holiday period.

Other Developments
Four teachers and myself visited three brand new schools on Wednesday.  It was a wonderful opportunity to see these learning spaces in action. There were lots of features we will be discussing which could be incorporated into our designs. We are still looking at different building footprints which will work on our site.  Nothing will be perfect, hopefully we can blend ideas from many sites and our appointed design team can create a plan which reflect our research and knowledge of how these spaces are going to work.
The Ecan personnel move out of that building this weekend. We have a site visit planned for early next week with the Ministry of Education. It is hoped that we can then have access for our teachers to visit and spend some time investigating the site and discussing the functionality of the buildings. I expect there will be a great deal of time spent discussing our thinking during, and following these visits. I will keep all families as fully informed of any decisions as they are made.
A facilitator has been appointed by the Ministry of Education to co-ordinate the community engagement in regards to provision of the second school in Lincoln. I expect you will be receiving information from the Ministry of Education and Dr Gabrielle Wall in the very near future.

Update 6 - 1 April

Modular Update
The final colour choices have been made. We have been able to match the exterior colour to the exisiting two storey building. When all building work is complete we will be able to re-paint team 3 and 4 and the hall to match. It will be great to have all buildings on our site matching.
We are nearing the holiday break where it is planned to undertake the site work. I have not had an update regarding the Council approval of this work if the consent has not been issued. Fencing of the work site is now due to begin on 13 April. The Board of Trustees are visiting the factory to see our buildings this month. Another visit is scheduled the week of 16 May. At this stage our buildings will be very near completion. They are being transported onto our site the week of 25 May. This major event will probably happen during the weekend. We will share information about how you can view this happening closer to the date. Practical completion is scheduled for 12 July however there are a significant number of compliances which need to be completed before children can begin working in these spaces. The very good news is that this project is progressing well even though we cant see any of this progress here yet.

Other developments

David and Laura from the Ministry of Education visited our site last week to orientate themselves and get a first hand look at our challenges here. Laura has sent through detail information relating to her role and the tasks she will undertake.
I had expected that we would have had dates for our visits to newly constructed school buildings set by now. I have sent a reminder of this commitment of the Ministry to us. I have asked that these visits take place before the end of this term. We are able to select one of the identified buildings to construct on our site. This means we do not need to go through the lengthy master planning and scoping  exercises which can take up to nine months before entering the design phase of the project. Our teaching team do know what they want and understand how flexible the learning spaces need to be. We are looking forward to seeing some of these buildings and comparing our needs with these constructions. Some innovative ideas have been shared via our staff meeting this week which focussed on how we deliver programmes, what the spaces must have, and what we would like to incorporate into our designs. This information will be very valuable when the design team are appointed.
It feels like we have been in a holding pattern over the last couple of weeks, however I expect that once the first decisions are made, then rapid progress will be made on all of the other inter-relating challenges.

Tenders have been called for a facilitator for the community engagement in regards to the provision of a  second primary school in Lincoln. We should be informed of the successful applicant in the very near future. I will then share how the process will run and ensure you are fully informed about meeting times etc.

Update 5 - 18 March  2016

Modular Update

I have a meeting scheduled with Darren from Interlink for 1:00pm on Monday 21 March to confirm the exterior colour match with the existing two storey building.  At this stage the completion date of these learning spaces is 30 June.  Consent has been lodged with the Selwyn District Council.  Permission has been sought to commence site works during the holiday break.  This will allow the project to meet the earlier completion date and have major site works done whilst children are not here.  Syndicate 4 will be moving into these rooms which will allow the Stage 2 project to commence as it relies on the demolition of Rooms 10-14 and the office administration area.

Other Developments
These are many and varied.
We will be decanting some of our pupils to the Ecan site. We will confirm the final decision about which group this will be following a site visit by the management team, teachers, Board members (if required) and Ministry personnel.  We will carefully consider how the building will work for the respective groups and  what work we identify as being necessary to ensure the spaces are fit for purpose in each case.  The Ecan personnel are now scheduled to vacate the building by 8 April.  We will be visiting soon after this date to begin planning.  You will be kept informed as the decisions are made.  Once we are secure that the right decision has been made, it is anticipated that a parent meeting of those children moving will be held on site to enable you to see what the spaces look like in relation to learning, and be informed of what work is planned, to ensure the opportunities this building provides are fully utilised.  
As you will have read above, the modular learning spaces are now going to accommodate the Year 7 and 8 students.  A contributing factor to this decision was the number of teachers/learners within this Syndicate, and also the projected numbers for 2017.  We need to accommodate Syndicate 4 to enable demolition to take place for Stage 2 commencement.  Syndicate 3 now have 6 teachers with 152 children.  They fit into the top storey of the existing block, so once Syndicate One are moved Syndicate Three can move up there.  As Syndicate 1 will have either 10 or 11 teachers by Term 4, they will no longer fit into this space. 
The meeting this morning with Ministry of Education personnel, Board of Trustees representatives and myself went well.  We met David Hoburn (Programme Manager) and Laura (Delivery Manager who will co-ordinate and drive our multi faceted programme of work). We discussed the complexities of our project including the decanting of students.
It has been confirmed that we are building eight learning spaces and a library area.  This can be either single or two storey.   BoT members and staff will be visiting several schools with new buildings to look at how the spaces work and which designs might suit our needs.  It is our intention to select the best option for our site and learning needs then work with the design team to modify where necessary.  It is hoped that this will expedite the process and allow construction to commence earlier.  Laura will also be managing the re-housing of the office/administration and staffroom facilities.  As you can see this is a very complex situation, but we are making progress.

Update 4 - 11 March 2016

Modular Update
As the modular buildings have been signed off by the Christchurch City Council, the process of consent with Selwyn District Council is simplified.  The buildings are signed off, however there is some "site specific" work which is still being completed.  It is expected that this will be finalised and ready to submit to Council on Monday morning.  I will update this site as soon as I have been informed of the actual lodging for consent.
I met with Darren, from Interlink, earlier this week.  We were trying to match the colour of paint on the existing two storey building to the exterior of the new modular buildings.

Other Developments
Previous plans had included modular buildings as Stage 2 and 3 of our overall development.  As the modular designs are not ready for either the two storey option, or the corner section, these projects will not proceed.
Both of these stages of development are now being managed as one project. This project will consist of a permanent block of learning spaces which will be constructed on the site currently occupied by the office administration block and rooms 10-14. 
The Year 7 and 8 students will be moved into the modular learning studios once they are completed.  At this stage we are unsure where the administration staffroom area will be re-housed. Options are still being discussed. 
To support moving our stage 2 build forward, the Ministry is going to run the project through the Capital Works  Southern team.  They are based in Christchurch and only deliver redevelopment and roll growth capital projects.  This will ensure we have the right people, with the right skill set, managing our development and supporting us through the project.  We are meeting the key team members next week.
It is our expectation that with the support of this Capital Works team, and key Ministry personnel, some important decisions regarding our site re-organisation will be made. We are asking that these decisions  include library provision, administration/staffroom provision  timeframes for implementation and details of the different work streams being covered within this project.

Update 3 - 4 March 2016

Modular Update.

We have made the final colour choice this week. 
Now only three weeks until the safety fencing is erected.  We will get the new plans for children entering and exiting the site ready for circulation within the next couple of weeks.  We will also ensure children know how and where they can move from one side of our site to the other.
Consents are on track to be submitted on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Other developments
I have had numerous discussions Ministry of Education personnel including Coralanne Child who has been very helpful.
Coralanne is going to coordinate a meeting of Board of Trustees, myself and Ministry property personnel to draw up a plan to give clear timeframes and information relating to the many complexities of our developments.  This planning tool is the same one used for Christchurch Girls High School, Avonside Girls High School and Shirley Boys High school management, so I expect it will be very helpful.
I have been sent the plans for Rolleston School which has a footprint which fits nicely onto our site.  Tai Tapu's new building does not fit without compromising the hard court, or field areas.  We are still looking at Leeston's building plans.  I have viewed West Rolleston and Lemonwood Grove plans but have yet to receive hard copies.  Once I receive these I will be able to scale them to our site maps and see how they work out.
We are making progress, however until we have an overview of all of the developments and timeframes, I do not have the finer details to share.  You can be assured you will have this information as soon as it is confirmed.

Update 2 - 26 February 2016

Modular Update
*    The order for our 5 learning studios was placed on Monday 22 
*    The factory order has been placed.
*    There was a pre-application meeting between Interlink (the firm 
      constructing the modular buildings) and the Selwyn District Council 
      yesterday. (25/02/16)
*    Building consents should be lodged on the 7th or 8th of March.
*    Interlink aim to be on our site in 4 weeks time to erect safety 
      fencing etc.
*    Excavation is planned to commence at the beginning of the holiday 
      break to minimise disruption to our learning community.
*    It is planned that I will receive the factory plans and timeframes 
      next week.

Other developments
The Ministry of Education are preparing a range of options for us in regards to additional space in addition to the Ecan option already presented.
The Ministry of Education will provide building plans of blocks with 8 or 9 learning spaces which have already been constructed or are in the process of construction now.  We will be able to look at these plans and decide which one best suits our needs.
The Ministry of Education will develop some timeframes for these permanent buildings to enable us to make informed decisions about the alternatives provided to accommodate our children and teachers whilst the new buildings are constructed.
The Board of Trustees are committed to keeping our community informed.   The Q & A forum is updated daily.    Please send your questions through to us and we can share them along with the answers as we get them.
We do acknowledge communication is the key to ensuring everyone is well informed.   We are investigating ways to address this challenge, and will take additional steps once we have more concrete information.

Update 1 - 19 February 2016

I'm very pleased to share that the modular learning studios are aiming at being on site by July not September as originally stated.  This is not a promise but a goal.

The Ecan lease is under negotiation.  It is hoped that the Ministry will have this site secured for us in the very near future.  (No date available)

To date, I have not received any existing plans to view as an option for Stage 2 development.

The question and answer forum is proving to be a very useful way of addressing questions and giving a direct point of contact for our community to check out the information posted here.