Junior Campus

Please see the links section for collated Junior Campus forum information from parent meetings held in May.
Update 28 July 2017
It is hard to believe that our new building is complete. Ramps are in, drainage finished, carpet laid, security systems connected, door locks changed to match those of the rest of our school. All this done and over a week ahead of schedule.
Bart and Bruce went to the Junior Campus and packed all those items identified, then transported them to the main site.
Many thanks to those parents who came along to the Junior Campus yesterday and the main site today to help out with getting everything ready for the children on Monday.
Meg, Megan and Andrea are planning to spend more time there on Saturday getting everything organised. There will be a few things left to do, data is not connected yet, however this is supposed to take about an hour to connect. The mat for the front of the door, where children can remove their shoes isn't yet in place, shelving will either be bought from the Junior Campus, or purchased once we see what we need. Some new furniture has yet to arrive, but it has been dispatched from Auckland so shouldn't be too far away. Emma Scott has assembled the trolley for the new television which has been purchased. It will be in place soon.
It didn't take long today to discover that the door closing devices were not in place. Portico have assured us that these will be installed in the very near future, so everyone was smiling this afternoon.
The two other large projects are progressing well, with the order placed for the modular building, and the final design meeting scheduled for this Wednesday morning. We are at the stage of selecting colours, and joinery. Once plans have been submitted for consent, the tenders for appointing contractors will be actioned. The plan is still be commence construction in September. Both the 200 block and the molar build will run consecutively, however disruption should be minimal due to the location of the build sites. We will ensure robust safety plans will be drawn up and adhered to. Yeah, that wee light at the end of the very long tunnel is beginning to shine a little more brightly.

Update 17 July 2017
We have received information from the Ministry of Education that the Selwyn District Council have granted an exemption from the consent process for our relocatable building. The relocatable building will be delivered to the site this week. It arrives as four sections which will then be joined together. Trenching has been completed. Site works, paths and ramps will be done during the first two weeks of term. I have not been informed of any delays in the expected date of completion. Therefore we are still aiming at week 3 for children to move in. I will share any further information as it becomes available.

Update 30 June 2017
We have had visits from different teams to the main site to check out power supplies, stormwater and data  connections. This trenching work will be done during the holiday break. I spoke with Laura from the Ministry of Education yesterday. She is going to contact Selwyn District Council for an update on the application for an exemption from consent for the relocatable building. We may not know whether this has been completed by Monday. I have informed her that if the Council do not give this consent then I will be getting my placard ready to visit them. I will invite you all to join me in the action, however it is a wee bit early to get our placards ready. Laura is confident that we will get this exemption. Lets hope she is correct.
We have been ordering the new furniture for the building this week. It will be delivered prior to week three and will be stored in the hall awaiting approval to occupy the building. 
I look forward to meeting with you on Monday evening, 7 p.m. in the staffroom at the main site.

Update 1, 23 June 2017
Move of year 2 students to Main Site.
Thank you for the questions received. I will share as much information as I can to ensure you are fully informed of any developments.
1.   Can we be assured that the new buildings will accommodate future roll growth?
I cannot make any guarantees. The two additional buildings will accommodate 350 children. The Ministry of Education predict that this will be sufficient space to accommodate growth during the period until the second school opens in Lincoln.

2.   Parking on the main site is challenging, what is being put in place to solve this?
I am asking that the drive through/drop off space by the hall is redesignated to drop off only, with drivers remaining in their cars, or only leaving the vehicle to unfasten safety restraints of children. Either parents or teachers could supervise this area initially to ensure it is used for this purpose only.

3.   Why is the parent meeting not being held sooner?
We only got the information about the relocatable building last week. Planning is underway with Council consent applications currently being drawn up. We have a meeting with Ministry personnel the morning of 3rd July. An evening meeting is scheduled that night to share the most up to date information we have.

4.   Where is this relocatable building going?
It will be placed in the space between the senior playground and the swimming pool. This is the only place we had. The building needs to be well away from the two building projects. 

5.   We were told that there we no relocatables last year, where did these ones come from?
This building is being built as we speak. It will be brand new.

Update 11, 16 September.
I have made several visits to the Junior Campus this week. We met with Corbel construction site Manager earlier to discuss finer points of the plans. We discussed where the inboards would be installed, how childrens art work would be displayed, and where mobile dividers might be placed to clearly define learning areas and  thoroughfares. Heather Mccain, aka Wonder Woman, was with us. She had a good look at the designated reception area, sick bay and library areas. Heather will be spending time next Tuesday working alongside Tanja to become familiar with our student management system which gives family contact details etc for children. She will also do an audit of this sites sick bay and order stock for the Junior Campus. A lot of work has been done inside the building including total removal of all ceilings, which are being replaced with a higher level of acoustic panel, removal of walls to create greater visibility in learning areas, and removal of the unreal to make way for new toilet pans more suitable for our younger children.
Some of the outdoor fencing has been completed with posts installed for the other fencing. The playground is set to be installed during the holiday break. We have been informed that the data cable may not be laid in time for our occupation, however temporary data links have been organised to ensure we have the internet access necessary. Replacement ceiling tiles have been ordered, however there is a delay in these arriving on site. This work is now planned to be completed on 7 October. Lucky for us that we have planned two outings for chidden while teachers and willing parent helpers set up the site on 10 and 11 October. 
The removal company is coign to school in the first week of school to take all the furniture around to the site. It si going to make it a bit tricky for the Corbell workers to install the ceiling tiles around the furniture, hopefully it won't delay the work too much.
The new foot path which gives safe access to children from inside to the afternoon buses has been laid and looks really tidy. All the surplus furniture has been removed from the site, Thanks to Anna James, it has found a good home, and we have received a donation. Maybe some of this could be used for the morning teas for those helping on the first two days!
The junior library collection is currently being boxed ready for moving to the Junior Campus. We are using our own shelving which Corbell will install for us.
We are currently trying to organise the road patrol which needs to operate on Edwards Street in the moorings and afternoons. If anyone knows of anyone who they think might like to do this one or two days a week, can they please ask them to contact us. We are happy to give a token of our appreciation to them for this support.
As you can see, lots is happening I'm sure I have missed out some bits and pieces. Feel free to ask any questions if there is information which you would like to know about. I am happy to share anything I know. If you are wondering about something, it is highly likely that others are too. It might be something we have overlooked, so please draw out attention to any finer details.

Update 10, 5 September
Cornell Construction have begun work on the refurbishment of the Junior Campus for us.  A great deal of pruning has also been done to ensure a clear area for the new pathway along the back of adjoining properties.  This pathway will give access from Millstream Drive to the public walkway.
Our phone systems are about to begin to be rebuilt to enable you to call the school and be transferred between sites. We also have the photocopier ready for installation. Lists of important items such as sick bay beds, first aid supplies etc are being drawn together. 
The two days of field trips are being carefully planned.  At this stage it looks like the children will go to Ferrymead on Monday 10 October and the Antarctic Centre on Tuesday morning.  They will return to school and work on Pets day activities in the afternoon.  Instruction commences on Wednesday 12 October at the Junior Campus.  You will be invited to support us on both of these days with either travel on trips or attending the Junior campus for set up of furniture and learning spaces.  Teachers will be split across both days and activities.  We will ensure there are enough teachers accompanying the children who know them well on both days. 

Update 9, 26 August
If you pass by the Junior Campus site you will have noticed some activity there this week.  Pegs were in for the fencing to commence when I last visited, I have heard that the fencing may have begun.  Rose bushes, which may look lovely, but pose problems for our wee people when they are playing, have been removed.  They will be transplanted to a new site until we move back, then they will be put back in their original places. 
Plans are afoot to close the sewage dump site.  I am hopeful that the resource and building consents are completed.  The final stage for these consents was to get them peer reviewed as the Selwyn District Council have a conflict of interest when issuing consents for buildings which they own.  As soon as this final stage is completed work will commence.  Contractors are on stand-by to minimise any further delays.  I have been assured that these delays will not impact on the availability of these buildings for the beginning of next term.
We have been planning how this move will take place.  During the last week of the term Syndicate One teachers will begin packing their bits and pieces for the removal company to transport around to the campus in the first week of the holiday break.  Boxes etc will be clearly labelled to ensure that they are placed in the correct learning spaces.  As we do not want our team to spend significant hours at this site during their holiday break, the actual configuration of furniture etc will be managed during the first two days of term.  At this stage we plan to take Syndicate One children on two, one day, outings.  These outings will not be a cost to families.  We will employ additional staff who are familiar with our school to support the outings and release some teachers to work at the Junior Campus.  It would be very much appreciated if families could also support us with accompanying the groups on the outings one day and/or helping set to furniture and equipment the other day.  You will be invited to share information with us regarding these two days in the very near future.
The children will commence classes at this site on Wednesday 12 October.  Spending two days on the site will give us time to smooth out any unforeseen  issues which arise. 
We ave appointed "Wonder Woman" to the new position of receptionist/ teacher aide/sick bay/first aid/librarian.  Heather has joined our team already to support the teachers and children in our reception class through to the end of this term and also to begin forming those very important relationships with our teachers and children.

Update 8, 12 August.
I don't have a lot of information to share at this stage.  We have not heard anything about either the Resource Consent or the Buildings consent for the Junior Campus.  I am meeting with Ministry personnel on Monday to do some planning around when site relocation needs to happen and to commence the next stages of planning for this.
I will inform you via email when we have further information regarding consents if this is received prior to next Friday as this will trigger the commencement of works on site.

Update 7, 8 August.
Both Building consent and Resource consents are progressing well.  We expect that both these documents will be finalised by the end of next week. Site and construction works will begin immediately following the release of consent documents.
The official blessing is scheduled for 10 am on 20 September.  Details of the opening programme are being confirmed.  You will receive an invitation as soon as final details are confirmed.
I was pleased to hear that the fencing contract has included an extension to the initial fencing plan. A section of fencing will be added to the top of the 1.5 m finings which is around the water areas. This top extension will slant inwards. This is a significant addition to the safety feature being put in place for the site.
The removal company has been booked for the first week of the holidays to take all the identified furniture from the current site to the Junior Campus.  Teachers will meet to draw up the finer detail of the move about Week 5 or 6 of this term.  We have confirmed the bus bookings for transport of children from the Junior Campus to the current site in the afternoons.  As you may have seen in the newsletter, we are currently advertising for the receptionist/teacher aide/ first aid officer/librarian for this site.  We have already received enquiries and one application.  It looks like this will be a sought after position.

Update 6, 29 July
At last nights Board of Trustees meeting, we were given the Lincoln Primary School - Redevelopments - Outline Programme - Draft.
This document gave clear time frames for the five projects currently being managed for our school. Within this document there were dates shared for the management of the programme relating to the Junior Campus. 

These dates are:
  • Design: 2/5/16 - 1/7/16
  • Building Consent submitted: 4/7/16 proposed notification 5/8/16
  • Resource Consent submitted: 8/7/16, proposed notification 15/8/16
  • Contractor procurement/pricing: 21/7/16 - 10/8/16
  • Fit out works to building: 16/8/16 - 12/9/16
  • Playground, Car Park, Fencing: 16/8/16 - 12/9/16
  • School walk through / Defects: 13/9/16 - 26/9/16
  • Decanting from main campus: 27/9/16 - 7/10/16
  • Handover/occupation - Start of Term 4. - 10/10/16.
As you can see from these dates, we will be moving to the Junior Campus during the holiday break. The holiday moving will consist of the furniture removal company moving everything the teachers have ready at the end of term.  We will plan how the term will begin, however I do not want the teacher spending excessive time during their break getting the site ready.  It is likely that we will plan a couple of outings for Syndicate One taking some of our part time staff along for a day or two.  This will allow some of the team to be at the Junior Campus setting out the furniture and getting ready for children to commence there.  Another option could be that Syndicate One work in the hall for the first two days of the term, while some of the team work at the Junior Campus. Final decisions will be made by the teachers.  I will keep you fully informed of these as soon as they are confirmed.

Travel Plan
A comprehensive draft document was tabled for discussion at last night's Board of Trustees meeting.  This document includes a great deal of information in relation to the historical position, information from our two surveys, and a very extensive amount of information relating to logistics of travel in relation to school both now and with a split site.  We are currently still working on it, aiming to have this draft ready to share with the Ministry of Education and the Travel Consultant who compiled it.  Once it is in the final format, I will insert a link onto this site for you to view it.  It is likely that you will identify details which we have missed.  I would be very grateful if you could inform me of these points to enable us to include them in our planning as the move draws nearer.

Update 5, 14 July
Comprehensive plans for Lincoln Primary School Junior Campus have been shared with us.  Please click here to view them. 

This is the signage which has been designed for us. It will be placed on all entry points to the site. the larger sign will be erected on the existing frame at the Edwards Street entrance.
These three designs relate to the playground which the Ministry of Education are funding.  The site for the playground is marked on the plans which can be viewed by following the link inserted earlier. Building consent for the work being done inside the site has been submitted to the Selwyn District Council on Tuesday 12 July.  Resource Consent for the change of designation for the buildings was submitted to Selwyn District Council on Monday 11 July.  As a general rule, consents take 20 working days to process.  If there are any questions in relation to each consent, the time frames will be extended depending on the delay taken in getting the answers back to Council.
Procurement of the contractor Is well under way and they will be pricing and finalising scope of works with the Ministry and architects on site this week. We will share the name of the contractors as soon as they are fully engaged.

Update 4, 13 July
Our Year 0 children are now working happily in the Info Centre.  Mr Brorens has joined Mrs Wesley as the second teacher in this area. 
Pre-consent meetings for the Junior Campus have been completed.  It is expected that all information necessary has now been submitted from the Ministry of Education to the Selwyn District Council.
I have been working with Torque IP on the technical needs for the Junior Campus. These include phone systems which need to operate across both sites, photo copiers and  digital device capacity for teachers and children ensuring that the systems currently available on our site are able to be duplicated there.  We have also been working on the entry/exit door to ensure we can always exit the building safely, whilst also ensuring that it is not openly accessible to the public whilst teachers and children are working in their learning spaces.  It is our intention to have a person responsible for reception duties, however there would not be sufficient work to remain on reception full time. It is anticipated that this person would also undertake duties in the library and with children.  We therefore need quite a sophisticated security system on our door.  As the ceilings in this building are very high, the use of our current data projectors is not possible.  Investing in the type of data projectors which are hung directly above the screens is not cost effective over time.  We have therefore invested in several large flat screens which will be used with Apple TVs.  This will achieve a better outcome, and the resource can be easily transferred back to the new buildings.
I do not have any meetings scheduled during the holiday break in relation to the Junior Campus.  

Update 3, 1/07/16
Laura our Ministry of Education Delivery Manager has returned from two weeks of annual leave. We met yesterday with the architect to discuss the proposed modifications to the Junior Campus.  I now have some further information to share. 
I saw the plans for the new playground which will be erected soon.  It looks lovely, has several ways to get up and down and has lots of different challenges for children to master.  We discussed the layout of the car park area ensuring there is a flow of traffic and safe passage ways for children and parents to get from the parking areas into the site.  We also looked at crossing points and pathways for children entering from Millstream Drive.  Bus parking is marked on the map as is a drop off zone.  This area is likely to be where the current effluent dump site is. 
I have been informed that this dump station will be closed for the duration of our stay at the Junior Campus which is great news.
I have asked that the fencing around the water areas which is planned to be 1.5 m high,  has an extension on the top of it sloping inwards to our site.  This would make it very difficult for any child to climb. 
Internal areas are being reviewed to provide ease of access for parents and visitors whilst also being safe for everyone working inside.  Further investigation into locking devices and door catches are being investigated.  These must align with Fire Regulations.  Work is going to be done to the stairway from the Year 0 space.  This is not intended to be used, however if for some reason someone was out there, they do need to be safe when going down the stairs.
We have requested that a wall be removed.  It appears that there is no issue with this.  It will certainly make the respective space far easier to use.
Another area which was of concern to teachers is likely to remain locked with staff access only.  A sickbay area has been designated with clear visibility by the receptionist and with easy access to a toilet area.  Carpet in the toilet areas is being removed and replaced with vinyl, a much cleaner option for small children.  The large urinal in the men's toilet is either being removed and replaced with smaller ones, or completely covered over, depending on the regulations regarding the number of toilets required for our staff and students.
Overall it was a productive meeting.  At this stage information relating to the consent change is still being drawn together.  I have not been given any time frames for this process to be completed as there are many variables.
All Year 0-2 children will remain on the current campus for the whole of Term 3.  The Reception class and teachers are currently packing up.  They are expecting to move into the Info Centre later on next week.  They have had their first visit and are very excited.

Update 2, 10/6/16
Syndicate One teachers visited the Junior Campus on Tuesday morning. We were looking at how to best utilise the various spaces within the building and what flexibility we might need. The Ministry of Education had informed us that designs were being drawn which would be shared with us nearing the end of this month. We were concerned that we had not been consulted to the degree we felt necessary and did not wish to be committed to permanent partitioning etc. We have managed to negotiate that all partitioning would be movable therefore allowing teachers to reconfigure the spaces once a little time has been spent there. We feel strongly that this flexibility is necessary.
During a discussion with Laura today, she informed me that the playground they had been discussing is no longer available. The Ministry are now looking at a Playco structure.  Playco are the firm who designed and made both the junior playgrounds on the current site.
Laura will have the internal alterations, etc available for us to view the week of 28 June.  She is away on leave for the next two weeks.  Planning for fencing, Fire Engineers' reports etc are progressing during this time, so I should have lots to share with you when she returns. 

Update 1 27/5/16
I managed to get a floor plan for our Syndicate One teachers to look at while they are discussing how the site will work best for their team.  The modifications to the plan are currently being made, I will share these with you as soon as they are available.   Brent from Torque IT called in today to discuss what digital connectivity we require on the site.   He is formulating a plan to co-ordinate everything from photocopiers to phone systems.  If you think of anything technological that would support communication and digital learning/management on this site, please let me know and I will add it to the list.
The challenge of managing the duck, geese and swan population has been discussed with Laura. She is now aware of our concerns regarding these birds within the enclosed area.
It is vital that the survey which was circulated on Wednesday afternoon is completed by every family.  We will be tracking replies next week to ensure we have as many responses as we can get in order to provide as much information as we can to the Ministry of Education and Selwyn District Council.  To access the survey please click here.     Survey closes Wednesday 31 May 2016.