Online Learning

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What if my child doesn't have access to computers/devices. Will any other alternative be provided?
A. Students will take their toolboxes home which will include their exercise books. All communication with families will be done digitally, the parents will be able to access this and adjust the tasks the teacher sends home. Emails from students to teachers would be necessary for students to make direct contact with their pastoral care teachers. You could send photos through to show the work covered in their exercise books.

Q. Will the school provide guidance on how to have content filtering at home and how do it?
A. We will investigate getting Family Wise software set up for our families to use for filtering content at home and also setting limits/parameters around when devices can be used. There is a cost to this, which we will also look into to see if we can get the costs covered. 

Q. What apps would be required to be downloaded and would they cost money?
A. At this stage we are anticipating using the apps we already have and a variety of online websites which the students know how to work on, therefore the school covers the access cost.

Q. Will teachers be able to be contactable by email to answer student questions?
A. Yes.  Teachers will be contactable by both parents and students via email. We may also investigate Zoom or a similar way to connect at a certain time of the day for those who wish to do so.

Q. Will online learning be live or recorded? 
A. We expect this will be a combination of both depending on the circumstances of each individual teacher. Some of our team have young children who will also be at home so they need to have flexibility in what is expected of them.

Q. Will an android device be compatible with the Apps being used?
A. We will investigate the capacity of android devices accessing this learning. Students can request a device which your children could use if the android option is not suitable.  We have a large number of devices at school which will be accessible to families. It is our intention to complete a database of those students who need a device and have this ready if we get informed that schools are closing.

Q. Will there be clear expectations around workload and timeframes for each child?
A. Teachers will set expectations of how long the learning day will be. We expect about an hour per child or thereabouts.

Q. How will teachers keep a record of progress of the children?
A. Monitoring student progress using traditional methods of assessment will not be possible. We will investigate how to manage assessment and reporting at a later date.